I know I’ve been M.I.A.

Posted 7 years ago

First of all I’d like to apologize if anyone’s been coming to the site looking for new and fresh mixes, I’ve been very very busy with parenthood and work and haven’t been able to update the site. I will do a massive update very soon though, this is a promise! – I also promise I’ll release some new material this year, keep your eyes open for that.

I’d also like to take the time to say that Peg Leg’s being released this coming March on the 1st album from AutomAte Deep, on the B side there’s a killer track from Saskia Blue, so it’s gonna be worth the buy :)

Expect the site to work as it should in a couple of weeks and also expect some mixes I haven’t uploaded yet.

Hope everyone had an awesome New Year’s Eve and thanks a lot for your support. Keep the bass rollin’!

Voodoo Music Podcast Vol. 7 with Mental Forces

Posted 9 years ago

Ok guys, since I failed miserably in doing the october Podcast, the almighty Mental Forces have made it all better with their contribution to this month’s podcast. The tracklist is incredible and mixes are as clean as a whistle. One of the best podcasts so far if I must say, a defo must listen for all deep bass folks and voodoo followers alike :)
Without Further ado, the podcast!

Roach Beats Vol. 1

Posted 9 years ago

My good friend roach has just released an incredible mix to promote an upcoming event here in Chile and it’s one of the best mixes I’ve heard so far this year… amazing selection and super clean technique. Proper DnB mix if you ask me!! Big ups to Roach and all the chilean junglist massive that keep making this musical experience unique and true. Tracklist after the jump, excellent beats to make your sour day go shweeet! – You can check out more from Roach and his crew on their website SoulBeats which is packing some nice interviews, local events in the Santiago area and great mixes like this one :)

Also stay tuned because in early october my new Voodoo Music podcast is up :)

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Voodoo’s Percussion Concussion EP is out now!

Posted 9 years ago

Sorry I took long into posting this, but Voodoo’s Percussion Concussion EP is out now on all major online stores! – The EP contains good stuff from Genotype, Raiden, Morphy and yours truly, so bag a copy now! – You can listen to the EP clips after the jump.

Also the Percussion Concussion EP Vol 2 is about to be released and the Percussion Concussion Vol 3 will include a new track from myself called “Padremonte” – a deep in the rainforest tribal track which is a perfect follow up for Cannibal Dub; keep an eye out ‘cuz it’s a good one :)

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Voodoo Pocast No. 4 – Fade – July 2011

Posted 9 years ago

Here it is ladies and gents, the latest Voodoo Podcast! This time is from a newcomer to the Voodoo fam; Fade. From Russia, with love. A great multi-tempo mix featuring some of the stuff forthcoming from Fade himself as well as the Voodoo crew and other spices – Enjoy! :)

Voodoo Pocast No. 4 – Fade – July 2011

To download follow this link → to the Voodoo Music podcast page

Flatliners show on guest mix

Posted 9 years ago

On june 20th my guest mix on the @flatliners show aired on in Istanbul, Turkey – a dubby selection and some wicked percussions on this mix for your listening pleasure :)

Flatliners Show on – Guest mix by OrtoKore

Download via dnbshare: → CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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My 1 hour mix on Flatliners show on Dinamo FM

Posted 9 years ago

This monday june 20th I’ll be showcased on the @flatliners radio show on in Istanbul, Turkey. You can listen online via the website in many formats so there’s hardly an excuse to not check it out ;)

Big shout goes to the @flatliners for supporting me from sooo far away! Big ups :)

Transmission time from 21:00 to 22:00 GMT time!! listen live here!

Cannibal Dub featured on Temah’s Radio show

Posted 9 years ago

On June 6th, Temah’s radio show host Morphy featured ‘Cannibal Dub’ along a shweet set of amazing tracks, with The Untouchables as guest artists on the show. Towards the end is a sick section of influential dub tracks from Morphy’s vault of inspiration. well worth the listen!

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Finally – A website!

Posted 9 years ago

Well after many many many years, I finally have a decent website and you’re welcome to it.

I’ll try to keep it as much up to date as possible and bring you some of the news from my side of the drum n bass hemisphere as well as myself.

Loads of mixes in the media section, some old, some new.

Kudos go to all the people that helped me in any way to finish this: Ilana, Alan and my beloved colleagues at Kluge Interactive and Alvaro for coming up with a beast of a logo! – also shouts to all the people that have helped and inspired me along the way.

That’s it for now, thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy your stay!

Voodoo Podcast Vol. 3 by OrtoKore

Posted 9 years ago

Yup. That’s me.

I was graced with the opportunity to do a podcast for my homelabel Voodoo Music and this is the end result. Heavy, deep vibes and killer basslines with a spicy touch of latin beats towards the ending, making this podcast quite unique in the series. :)



Suscribe to the Offkey & Voodoo podcasts on iTunes here

The End of a Decade | December 2009 Mix

Posted 10 years ago

This is a small mix I did exactly a year ago, privately shared then, public now :)

It’s all about the deeeepness!

Enjoy it!

The End of a Decade Mix by OrtoKore

Voodoo Podcast Vol. 2 by Morphy

Posted 10 years ago

This post’s about the latest Voodoo Music Podcast and it’s a killer. Morphy drops an absolutely insane tracklist on this one and takes us on a journey through some of the deepest and dubbiest tracks of 2010. It’s a big one! Plus it has one of my own tunes ‘Cannibal Dub’ which is finally being released early 2011 on a Voodoo Music Digital EP alongside Raiden, Morphy and Genotype.

Big things for this forthcoming year!

Boh! enjoy the set!
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New mix – Exodus – 7/7/2010

Posted 10 years ago

Since I’m in the middle of moving out of Venezuela and into Chile, I decided to name my (probably) last mix from these lands as ‘Exodus’. Kinda did it on the run, so don’t flame me for mistakes – just needed to record a new set! – It’s got a bit of everything so I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends between tokes ;)
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May’s OffKey Podcast – Mitzi Turbo Cup Special (Raiden&Meth)

Posted 10 years ago

For the first Offkey Podcast, Raiden and Meth chug down some Grog and blast it to the seven seas with this excellent selection of scurvy tunes. Absolutely sick dubplates and wicked influential stuff at the end. Worth the listen!
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‘Cannibal Dub’ featured on Music Matters

Posted 10 years ago

My good friend Arturo did a small feature on myself and my first Voodoo Music release ‘Cannibal Dub’ (forthcoming around June/July) in his well known music blog Music Matters. If you love music (don’t we all?), it’s defo worth taking a visit/listen, a bit of everything, shaken (not stirred), with style.

The Voodoo Podcast Vol. 1 – Raiden&Morphy

Posted 10 years ago

Along Voodoo’s label launch, OffKey Music kicks off a series of podcasts for both Offkey&Voodoo Music with this vulgar display of deep minimal heaviness and crazy percussion metrics that will keep your neurons tingling for days.

I say welcome Voodoo Dub.

Big ups for Raiden, Morphy, the Voodoo familia and all the bassheads worldwide pushing this sound forward.
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Genotype’s May Mix

Posted 10 years ago

All I can say about Geno’s May Mix is, that it’s very impressing. His sound and the vibe surrounding his tunes is an amazingly dubby atmosphere filled with LOADS of deeep bass and massive percussions. A small peek of the new-ish dubby drum ‘n bass vibe that’s gaining new followers as the year progresses. A must have!





Link to the DOA thread

Voodoo Launch

Posted 10 years ago

Taken from DOA:

While many of us know of Raidens forays into the more techno-influenced style of Drum & Bass with his Offkey imprint, he has also been delving into more tribal and organic sounds, and has set up a new label, Voodoo Music, which dropped its first release (“Baptism Of Fire” / “Danzon”) today. While on a expedition in South America, Raiden was immersed in the musical culture of the region and a new chapter was born. Voodoo Music encompasses organic textures such as traditional percussion, tribal rhythms with Exotica & Dub influences. The core artists are Raiden & Morphy who will be hosting solo work as well as collaborations with a multitude of artists and musicians from a wide variety of backgrounds.
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Cannibal Dub featured on Morphy’s Broken Audio Podcast

Posted 10 years ago

yes! after light years of ‘production-vacation’, I’m back. My first release is coming soon this year on Voodoo Music and some of my tracks are starting to roam around the globe :]

Broken Audio’s May Podcast features Morphy, a producer from Glasgow who has his own approach when it comes to making music. His style has remained original and un-compromised from the start which has allowed his music to take form as it undoubtedly has.
Known for his innovative dubby sound and authentic production style, Morphy has carved a niche for himself with releases on various labels including Function, Nerve, Direct and Alphacut.
His productions are a melting pot of tribal percussion, half time rhythms, sonic echos and dubwise basslines. An earthy sound that reflects both his love of dub music and old jungle.
Now a part of Voodoo music and with exciting new productions and collaborations in progress you can expect to be hearing plenty more from him in the future.
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